Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nice Friesian Morgan Filly

A 2009 Friesian cross Filly that has wonderful suspension in her trot. The videos are on a blizzard day; it was her first interaction coming out of the herd.

We sold a full sibling to her this summer to a very pleased client.

Friesian Sport Horse Registrable

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friesian Cross Filly - Magnus

Took these of this filly this week - March 2011 She's starting to mature.

Nice coming two year old Cross filly. Her mare was a Percheron Morgan. She is out of a FPS registered Friesian stallion.

All of our Friesian crosses are registrable. She currently stands 15 hands.

We pulled her out of the field to do this. She was a bit hesitant but the more we handled her the more she came around.


Price will go up after the first of the year.

Below we did 3/11 on a freezing March day this week.

Friesian Cross Gelding - Big 2 year old

SOLD - 3/22 Larry went to Kansas City - Thanks Joe and Alejandro! Send us some
pictures this summer!

Updated 3/21 Because of economic issues, Larry is back up for sale.

See videos below and 3 new pics at top. He is now at 15.2.

This solid black yearling gelding (coming two year old) stands 15.1 currently. His dam was a Percheron Morgan cross. We've had him up placing limited handling on him and he's coming around fine. Check out his first attempt at lunging below and look at the trot on this boy.

He's offered at $2500. until the first of the year....after that the price is subject to go up.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2010 weanlings

We have several weanlings priced for sale. Several different crosses.

Average price is $2500, a couple weanlings at $1500 and some at $3500.

All prices are negotiable...I'll take any offers to the owner.

Keep in mind, its hard to keep the Friesian crosses to saddle breaking time because of the current demand in the market but we have decided to keep some back for that purpose if we don't get the price we're asking. (Mostly the $3500 range crosses)

The crosses include Friesian crosses, draft crosses, Morgans, and Percheron crosses.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friesian Morgan cross yearling gelding

This is a Friesian/Morgan cross - out of registered stock and can be registered Friesian Sport Horse Registry. He stands just shy of 14 hands - on the smaller side but could mature to 15 hands. He's out of a FPS registered Friesian stallion.

We just caught his photos in his field - was a bit timid to approach being in the field all his life but the owner said he'd come up in the Winter to the barn and would be handled more.

$2500 is his current price. All pricing on Friesian crosses are subject to go up at the first of the year.

Look at his Friesian presence.

He's the one bringing up the rear in the video

Thursday, October 28, 2010

2 year old buckskin AQHA filly


Gypsy is a beautiful 2 year old AQHA mare. I have her AQHA application papers signed by her original owner but they were never dated or sent in. I never got around to doing it as there is a fee for late entries. She has a nice buttermilk buckskin with solid black legs, hooves, and tips on her ears. She has a little white in her mane. Gypsy is a very calm and sweet little girl, she currently stands just a hair shy of 14 hands and still growing. She ties, loads, stands for grooming, walks and trots on the lead, and picks up all her feet. She gets along great with the other horses. She is easy to catch right out of the field. I have worked her on the lunge line and she did very well. But I have been swamped with horses to train and unfortunately haven't had the time to get to her. I will start Gyspy's training soon if she doesn't sell but her price will go up once she is riding. She will be a real easy one to break. She has a good head on her and loves people.
This would be a great project horse for somebody but I really want to see her go to a good forever home.

This girl has great bloodlines! She is 4th generation Doc Bar. Pedigree also includes Wimpy, King, Peppy, and Three Bars just to name a few.

Call Sophia at (573) 754-7946

Saturday, October 16, 2010

3 year old Quarter Horse/ Friesian

Owner called and said he's up and riding this horse now. He was herding other horses out of a field with him the first week. Get him quickly, price will go up if he continues to ride him.

We visited this WONDERFUL gelding, that I personally have fallen in love with yesterday.
The owner says he's hopped on him a couple of times and had no issues with him. He is so lovable that I finally got into one of the pictures. He lunges well outside of a pen and has a general attitude toward learning. He stands a bit over 15 hands now still maturing. He'd make a wonderful youth or ladies horse. We'll be riding him soon.

See the updated pics and video.

This 2 year old gelding is still a bit faded from the summer sun but is a beautiful solid black!
We took this quiet gelding out of the field and put him through some basic lunging exercises and performed very well. The owner has brought him up, groomed him, and even sat on him bareback a few times with no issue. He really is going to be a great family oriented horse. He is used to tying with no issue. He currently stands around 15 hands. He may mature to 15.2 like his Friesian sire.

He is a beautiful horse, our pictures really don't do him justice as we had several we were filming that day we sadly didn't get the best photos.

He has some scar tissue on the left rear leg in the pastern area from an old yearling injury. We didn't see any sign that it affected his way of going. (see video and direct pictures) -- a cosmetic injury as the hair never grew back. As brokers we feel it necessary to be very honest about the horses we represent. Potential owners can obtain a vet check.

This gelding is located in Kahoka, Missouri. (right at the Iowa, Missouri boarder).

$3000 - price is negotiable

Please call (573) 754-7946 or

Black 2yr old Friesian Foxtrotter Cross

Updated: This mare is now three years old. We hope to get video of her soon and are trying to get her down to our facility for training . Once that happens, she'll be a $3000 price. Again, this is wonderfully moving filly with great Friesian flare.

Here's a Friesian looking black filly.

This horse is located in Kahoka Missouri, right at the Iowa/Missouri boarder.

Her price is $2500. Negotiable, but all prices go up at the beginning of the year.

current video of 11/20

another current video 11/20

Buckskin/Grulla Friesian Grade Mare with some foxtrotter Cross

This filly has improved in her character. This yearling is a May foal and she stands as tall as her black sister currently at 14.2. We brought her up and lunged her and she behaved beautifully. She pawed a bit tied but that is expected in a yearling - absolutely no pulling that we saw She warmed up to Sophia - see the picture. There is also a full matching weanling available to this filly - might make a nice team.


This unique Friesian Cross's price will go up to 2500 Jan 1, 2011.
Here is some color! We're not sure which way she'll end up, buckskin or grulla at this point.

This horse is located in Kahoka, Mo. (right on the boarder of Missouri and Iowa) When trotted first, this filly had such a suspended gait; of course, we weren't filming. Even so, her handling (right out of a field) allowed for the following videos.

She is eligible for Friesian Sport Horse Registry. Nice dressage or driving prospect.

She is listed for $2000.00 Price is negotiable but all prices go up with age after the first of the year.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kelly - Saddlebred/Friesian cross 2yr Gldg

3/25/11 Kelly went to his new home in Illinois.


Updated 10/29/10: I'm posting some more video of Kelly when he was with us for two weeks this summer. (Keep in mind, it's 100 plus in the shade at the time of video) We've discussed his price with the owner and have raised it accordingly to a firm no waver price until January 2011. We'll be getting a new measurement on height on Kelly and a current lunging video on him next week.

Kelly is a Friesian/Saddlebred cross. He is out of quality registered stock! He is a 2 year old gelding who currently stands at 14.2 and 1/2 hands. Kelly has currently finished his first session of official training and passed with flying colors! He does everything you ask of him, what more could you want out of a young horse! He cross ties, stands quietly for grooming, loads, bathes, lunges both ways on the long line, picks up all his feet, and walks and trots with you on the lead line. Kelly does great working with tarps and plastic bags. He let me put the tarp on his back and slide it down his back with no problem! Kelly backs on the line for you with ease.

He has proven that he is a very quick learner and extremely smart! This boy has great stamina, he is going to be one that can go all day. He is super sweet around people, loves being groomed and handled. Has been around big,barking dogs and has no issue with them running in and out of the woods while we are working. Kelly really has a beautiful fancy trot and a nice calm walk.

He has not been ridden yet as he is still very young (the Friesians don't fully mature until 3-5 years) but he has been completely tacked up every day and has no issue. He is not cinchy in the girth or flank area and takes the bit with ease. Kelly has a beautiful solid black coat, its currently a little faded by the sun but if he can always be kept stalled if that's your preference. Kelly is UTD on worming and Coggins. If you have wanted a Friesian but couldn't afford the outrageous prices this is your chance and you simply must see the Stallion this guy is out of! Please call with questions or to set up an appointment. I have more pictures and short videos of Kelly in training that I can send to SERIOUS INQUIRIES.

You can't beat this kind of horse with this attitude for this price!!


More videos from the summer two week program with Kelly:

Flank pat down.

Medium trot,


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Percheron Morgan Cross

Nice three year old Draft cross available. Fairly quiet and would also make a nice pack horse. Not Broke. Been handled however. $1850.00

This guy has a scar on his let rear but you can see by the video it doesn't affect the way he moves. Pic above.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

2yr old Tennessee Walker Gelding

Updated: 4/8/11 Domino is now three and we'll be updating his profile next week.
Domino currently stands at 14.3 and is project to mature around 15 - 15. 1

He is currently in ground training and doing very well.

Price is $1400.00


Captain - Bay and White Tobiano weanling

This Tennessee Walker colt gaits marvelously. He's quite a looker too. His stud
consistently throws a beautiful head with his foals as you cans see.

His papers are pending.

The video tells it all. He leads, ties, picks up his feet and loads.



Nice Haflinger Welsh cross weanling

Rowan was a surprise. And a beautiful colt at that! The owners realized that the Welsh stud had a couple of hours free in the field but the Halflinger had failed to breed two years before.

He's a beautiful champagne color with some gray in it.

He's currently started his ground training and is picking up his feet, tying, leading and loading in the trailer.

Price is $800.00

Friday, July 16, 2010

1/2 Welsh Spotted Yearling Filly

This is a nice 1/2 Welsh Spotted Yearling. Has the great dished face. She's being worked weekly on her ground training, including loading in the trailer.

Price $1000.00


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Registered Tennessee Walker Mare

Summer is a black and white tobiano. She is approx. 15hh. She is currently a little over half way through with 30 days training, and has been started under saddle. This mare aims to please. She is being ridden in the riding pen and out of it on trails. Her mother is an amazing trail buddy, very safe demeanor and I know this filly will end up being the same way. She was previously let out pasture with the herd but now that her training has started she is progressing well. She is a nice big boned mare. Will mature into a very nice solid mare. Would make an excellent addition to a breeding program.
I have been teaching her to park out and she is getting the hang of it nicely. She has excellent ground manners, she does not walk all over you while you are leading.
She cross-ties and ties at the hitching post very quietly. Stands still to be tacked up, not cinchy like a lot of mares. She lowers her head and takes the bit easily and quietly. She will stand very quietly and let me crawl all over her and mount. She is up-to-date on worming and trimming. She bathes, loads, and stands for the farrier. She has good solid black feet, she does not currently have shoes and I have never had her gimp or be tender-footed on the gravel. She has a comfortable gait when she settles in it, she is still young so she just needs more time riding it, she has shown me a very nice slow canter that is very comfortable.

Summer is a real easy keeper, let her out to pasture or just keep her on hay, makes no difference to her. She gets along very well with other horses, has been around geldings and mares all her life. She loves to be groomed and payed attention to. She will pick up all her feet for you. No buck or bite. Don't miss out on a horse with great potential, all the basics done now just finish her out your own way!


Price may be negotiable to good home.
(573) 754-7946

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3/4 Friesian Filly

This filly is out of the quietest mare that is a Friesian Morgan cross. The mare stands
at 15:1 and the stud stands at 15:2. The stud is a 2nd premie FPS registered stallion.

She is not yet priced but we'll take a look at any offers. Qualifies for Sport Horse Registry


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Friesian Morgan Cross Yrlg Filly

This is a 14 hand yearling Bay Friesian Morgan cross filly.

Her price is $1500 and is also negotiable.

The breeder has had her in for 5 days of handling and this is how's she's doing.