Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Registered TWH 4 yr old Gelding - Kid Gentle

Cheyenne's M&M Warrior
Buster is the horse EVERYONE wants. Last year we sold a sister to Buster to a 73 year old man who rides her with no problem. Both Buster's dam and sire throw excellent family disposition horses. Buster loves to handled! He was trained on our place for his 60 days of training last fall and he showed no buck,bite, or vices whatsoever. He goes down the road in a straight line, crosses water, leads or follows and doesn't seem to have any issues with the limited amount of cars and tractors we've met. Our 12 year old has crawled all over him and has ridden him with ease. We even put a beginning rider on him in the ring. Buster ties, loads,and stands perfectly still for his baths.

Buster is the A-1 family horse. He stands 15:3 and a half. Striking Tobiano color. He's ready to go to his forever home.

Come see and ride Buster!


Kim or Sophia Wells

The above video is when Buster was on our farm last fall for his training. This was after 20 days of working with him. Very smooth ride....a little unsure where to put his head because it was a new bit.

Below is in June when we pulled him out of being in the pasture for 4 months with no one doing anything with him.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Friesian/Percheron/Morgan Cross Colt

We've officially named him POWER BALL but I still call him "Pike".

UPDATE: above is "Pike" this week 3/9/11
A very cold March day. See video beneath. He is now 15.2, maturing well and
will be two next month.

These are current pictures of Pike taken 11/18

These are older pictures of Pike following.

Updated 11/23
I have followed this gelding since birth. We dubbed him the "power colt" at birth because nothing out moved him out in the field. The owner brought him in last month to separate him from the herd mentality that all yearlings have. We do this to encourage handling by humans. Although he took a bit more convincing than others, (not that he's a difficult horse, some just take a bit more time - its a matter of two weeks added slowly moving the horse up) I'm told he's now lunging well. We will be going out on the 30th to get more video of him.

We'll get a current measurement on him too.

Again, this will be the performance horse. I believe he could go any discipline.

Take a look of some recent pictures above and stay tuned for more updated video on him soon.

The 1/2 Friesian colt, out of a black Percheron/Morgan mare 15.3 is listed for sale at weanling time. Above is a pictures of him at 2 mos and now he's matured into a very correct yearling. You can't deny the big bone structure, the shorter back...the defined definition of a eventing/dressage champion. This colt will move and shake the show circuit in the right hands. We're offering him now because this Frisian cross between the breeders Percheron/Morgan mares go quickly because of their outstanding confirmation and agility.

This colt is due to be gelding in May 2010. Our photos of him (5/10) above show how quiet this colt was for being taken out of the yearling herd. He stood quietly tied and managed to lead him nicely for the photos.

He currently stands at 14.1.

This colt is offered at $3500. All pricing is negotiable.

This is a video we took in December on a 20 below day. :)

NEW short video on Pike a freezing 23 degree March day.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Welsh Pony and Walker Foal

This is a 6 year old Bay Welsh mare with an exceptional pedigree. Her papers are being pursued. She stands around 13h and had 90 days of riding and driving training. Since then, she was ridden for five months by our 12 year old. She foaled a gorgeous spotted Walker Pony the end of April 2009. She showed no buck or bite during the time we had her. Ring work as well as trail riding with our mares went very well. She hauls-no problems with shoeing. The filly is very sweet and very curious about everyone, she has perfect conformation and color topped with that wonderful dished Welsh face. The perfect child's pony and happy companion.

Asking $5000 for the mare and $1500 for the foal at weaning or the owner will cut a deal for both. I will take any reasonable offer to the owner.

I do have more pictures of these guys so please don't hesitate to email.

Monday, May 25, 2009


This 7 year old gelding is an absolutely stunning Thoroughbred/Halflinger cross. He stands 15h and has excellent conformation. He has extremely powerful movement. He extends beautifully in the riding ring. He rides, drives, and has had 90 days of recent training. He is a quite the looker! We put Argo in the round pen to see his jumping potential...boy did he clear those jumps! This horse has outstanding stamina and energy. He has always been very curious and comes up to greet you. You must see this beautiful horse in person as the pictures I have don't do him complete justice. $4500 (Price is Negotiable)

(Argo has a split sided mane, that is the only reason its not as full on one side)

If interested please feel free to email me!
Thanks for looking!