Monday, May 25, 2009


This 7 year old gelding is an absolutely stunning Thoroughbred/Halflinger cross. He stands 15h and has excellent conformation. He has extremely powerful movement. He extends beautifully in the riding ring. He rides, drives, and has had 90 days of recent training. He is a quite the looker! We put Argo in the round pen to see his jumping potential...boy did he clear those jumps! This horse has outstanding stamina and energy. He has always been very curious and comes up to greet you. You must see this beautiful horse in person as the pictures I have don't do him complete justice. $4500 (Price is Negotiable)

(Argo has a split sided mane, that is the only reason its not as full on one side)

If interested please feel free to email me!
Thanks for looking!

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