Friday, March 11, 2011

75% 2011 Fresian Stud Colt

Updated 4-14 This colt is under contract. He'll be going to the "boot heal" of Missouri.

Updated 4/8/11 We are currently in contract negotiations with this colt. Again, this mare's full sister had a stud colt last week. We'll be posting him soon.

Quick note: This mare's FULL sister just had a fine looking stud colt like above. What a wonderful team, stallion prospects, dressage (oh my goodness, the movement on the above colt amazes me)
....these foals are offered at $4000 each....and again, we'll not be sorry if they stick around. We'll try to get picks on the other soon.

Here is a wonderful stud horse prospect or sport horse. This colt is barely two weeks old and has the agility of three year old. It was very difficult filming him on a 'blistering' 25 degree March day but you can see the indications of the class act suspended trot that he's already showing. Tiny (the dog) had to get involved too and give him his first exposure to canines.

He's solid black and should mature to 15.2. His mare is Moreisian out of Veulenbook from the Knight of Wild Rose Ranch and this fellow is out of an FPS registered Friesian out of Teade.

Come see this colts fantastic movement on a better day.

Registrable with Friesian Heritage Sport Horse.

Asking $4000

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  1. Wow.... that baby's something special, isn't he? Beautiful horses!