Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Friesian Percheron Cross yearling filly

Above is Cricket we sold her last year but she's a full sibling to Patsy below. We posted this to give you an idea what Patsy will look like.

Updated 3/29: Patsy's mom just foaled a nice colt this week. More on him to come.

We have sold two siblings to this filly to well pleased clients. Patsy is out of a 17.1 Percheron and a 15.2 Fhana Stallion.

And she is a sweetie. Walks right up to you, (like most do) with her yearling crew in the pasture. Easy to handle. We ground trained both of her siblings and they were a dream to work with.

Patsy has a firm price that will only go up with age and training. We're offering her as a yearling, but wouldn't mind keeping her around.

I realize these photos don't present her well - they were taken after the 3 ft snow melt. We'll update them as their coats shed.

$3500 firm price no negotiation

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