Friday, March 11, 2011

Nice Matched Friesian/Morgan Team

Nancy is above.

Prancey is above.

Introducing a quick look at Prancy and Nancy, two 14.2 all black and difficult to tell apart matched team prospect. They are two in May. Both have such fancy movement and as a team...well, they'd be pretty slick. The owner really doesn't want to sell but because of the volume of horses, he might let a quick sale go this spring. The are completely green now but they have a slot for training this summer - once there, the price will go up.

One can be registered Moreisian or both at Friesian Heritage Sport Horse.

These filly's are out of a FPS registered Friesian....Nancy is out of Dixie, a registered Morgan and and Dandy a registered Morgan stallion. Prancy is out of Diane (who is out of Dixie) and Dandy, the same stallion. Diane never got her papers...but we have a pedigree on her. This is why we can't tell them has a double swirl on her head, the other a single.

Those looking for the smaller driving team, with wonderful trots, here you go.

Take now 5000 for the pair (not negotiable) but come summer and training, the price will go up to $6,000.

Nancy above

Prancy above.

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